Tuesday - May 22, 2018

How to Apply Window Tint Film

applying glass tintWindow tint film is used by many people for many different reasons. Window tint can be applied to your house windows as well as your cars windows and any other windows you would like tinted. The reasons for people tinting their windows range, but the two top reasons for window tinting are the privacy aspect and the aesthetic appearance aspect. These two reasons have been proven to be the common reasons why people who would tint either their car or house windows.

The tinting of car windows has the higher aesthetic appearance percentage and after the fast and furious movies made their debut the percentage sky rocketed.  House window tinting on the other hand has the higher percentage when it comes to privacy and this is mainly due to the crime rate in South Africa. No matter what your reason for tinting your car or house windows, window tinting done by professionals can be costly, buy do not fret there is a way that you can do this yourself. Before you conjure up the pictures of tint peeling away and bubbles all over your windows, here is how to apply window tinting yourself, the professional’s way.

Window tinting film can be bought from a number of places, such as www.klingshield.co.za and once you have made your decision and your purchase you are ready to begin. With your purchase you will need a razor blade, window cleaner, cloth that does not give off any lint, sponge and possibly a utility knife. Now that you have all your tools you need an extra pair of hands, preferably somebody with some hand, eye co-ordination. Before applying your film remember to clean the windshield and make sure that there is no lint on the windshield, when working with the tint film, wet your finger tips, this prevents finger prints from getting onto the tint.

Start with the smallest windows first, this counts as practice. Make sure that your window is clean and wet before applying the film, once the window film is stuck to the window use a cloth to remove any bubbles from the tint. Chop off overlapping edges with the utility knife and you are done, remember that the film takes up to ten days to be fully ready.

While it might be tempting to think that just about everybody is able to do a good job about applying window tint film to cars or homes, the truth is that it’s not in everyone’s DNA. There is no shame in asking for professional advice, if you need it, and there are also many benefits to opting to have it done professionally.

There are also many reasons why it makes sense in having your windows tinted with window film. Especially in South Africa, with its harsh and severe climates, we need all the protection we can get from the harmful and dangerous sun. Studies have shown that even applying a thin tint film to your windows will succeed in keeping as much as 90% of the sun’s harmful rays out of your car or home.

Not only will this help in prolonging the lifespan of your car seats and home furniture and rugs, drapes and carpeting, but it poses severe health benefits too. This is especially true for homes and vehicle owners with small children and toddlers, who are too young to know to avoid the strong light from the sun. If you drive toddlers around frequently in your car, the sun’s direct exposure on them can lead to dehydration and other health problems.

You and other occupants of the car will also be exposed to the harmful UV rays that lead to skin cancer. By investing in window film, you will protect your family against these threats effectively and work to minimise the damage that these rays will cause.

If you feel that you need help with effectively and correctly applying the window film, then contact professionals who are skilled in doing this. They will also provide you with a guaranty and warranty on the workmanship performed and the materials used.

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