Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

Best Places To Go Diving In Mozambique

Mozambique diving is among the best in the world, millions of scuba divers ranging from novices to professionals flock to Mozambique every year for the privilege of diving in some of the most beautiful waters known to man. Mozambique has in fact experienced a tourist boom while other traditional tourist destinations in other parts of the world are experiencing a downturn in holiday trade.

There are a number of very good reasons for this phenomenon, accommodation in Mozambique is unbelievably affordable and in some instances down right cheap. Accommodation Mozambique style can be a bit rough but if you are looking for authentic and rustic accommodation you can’t beat it. A beach holiday Mozambique package can be among the most affordable of all holiday packages Mozambique tour facilitators can offer.

These types of holiday packages in Mozambique are especially popular with scuba divers who are in Mozambique especially for the Mozambique diving experience. This is Mozambique accommodation at its most authentic and most adventurous and the entire experience really adds a great deal to the overall Mozambique holiday diving experience.

There are many excellent dive sites scattered throughout the northern and southern sectors of Mozambique, the southern sectors are especially popular such as Ponta do Oura, a small sleepy fishing village in the far south of Mozambique. The area is well known for calm and clear waters thanks to a natural cove jutting out into the Indian Ocean and there are many Mozambique accommodation specials to be found in the area.

There are of course many other dive sites all along the Mozambican coast line and there are also many holiday packages to Mozambique that can be applied to almost all of them. The further north that you venture the more things become rural and untamed, this is great for more experienced scuba divers who want to get away from the crowds. The south however is a much better option for novice divers and casual scuba divers. Of course one can find great Mozambique accommodation and hospitality in all areas of Mozambique and all along its beautiful coastal regions.

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