Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

Blinds Vs Curtains

The choice to have blinds or curtains depends largely on the type of person you are. Are you modern or old fashioned? It also comes down to functionality, certain spots in the house curtains just do not work. The opposite is also true.

Window blinds and curtains do take an equal amount of maintenance to keep clean and looking good. Both require brackets and hooks etc to keep them in place. As with everything of that nature, they work loose, come undone, get tangled, break and tear.

But, window blinds are different from the average house and they lend themselves by adding much more character to a room. If perhaps you are slightly old fashioned you can still have the best of either worlds with perhaps Venetian blinds, roman blind or a roller blind which are still classics in style. By using an antique looking material, plain or patterned, can easily add an “old” air to the room. Be wary of mixing “old” blinds with new furniture. Although, these days people tend to mix it all up and are rather eclectic in their tastes.

For the modern type of house the choice of window blinds or curtains is limitless in colour and material. Aluminium, wooden and even bamboo window blinds are proving popular choices today. With the curtaining of today, the different quick wash and dry types of fabric available are plentiful. Gone are the days of spending hours washing curtains. Some might think it is quicker to wash the modern curtain than spending time wiping blinds.

Vertical blinds tend to be more popular in the office environment, less so in the home.

As far as outdoors is concerned, blinds win hands down, curtains are just not practical. Common place in South Africa for are the bamboo blinds or various other types of small thin tree type as patio blinds. The restaurants and popular outdoor venues use various types, generally the roller blinds made from special canvas.

Those of us who cannot get up from the television to close up at night will prefer the motorized blind.

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