Friday - Feb 22, 2019

Blinds vs. Curtains

There has been much debate in recent months in a number of different publications regarding the merits or pros and cons of blinds vs. curtains. Both sides of this debate have merit and a while some interior designers and decorators hold fast to the tradition of curtains as the standard, many new generation interior designers and decorators as well as publishers of industry related publications are moving more towards blinds as the new curtain.

Blinds have a number of distinct advantages over curtains in many instances and in many circumstances. There are a great number of different design options and configurations in window blinds including the very popular roman blinds and venetian blinds, two of the most popular of all blinds used in a variety of different applications.

Roller blinds are also a firm favourite and roller blinds are used extensively as full length door blinds and decorations and also as very successful and stylish outdoor blinds. Roller blinds work very well if one is looking to create a more natural look and feel; using more natural materials such as bamboo; cane and natural wood are all very popular choices.

Blinds can also be made from a large variety of materials and it all really depends on the nature of the design or the overall look and feel of the room in question. Materials such as silks, cottons, calico and even canvas have been used in very successful designs that really enhance a space and bring it to its fullest potential. Materials can be dyed any colour so that they are then fully customizable to fit the overall look and feel of any kind of space from bathrooms, loft spaces, kitchens, guest rooms, patios and other outdoor spaces and much more.

One of the other really nice advantages that blinds have over curtains is the amount of spatial impact that they have. Blinds, regardless of whether they are roller blinds, Venetian or roman, lay quite flat against a window or window space whereas curtains tend to occupy more space. This can often make or break a room, particularly a small room.


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