Friday - Feb 22, 2019

Different Floor Designs

floor designHere are the most important factors to consider when browsing different floor designs.


How much are you willing to pay per square meter or per tile? It’s okay to splurge more than usual on a certain type of flooring if – quantity-wise – you only need a small amount of it. Marble tiles, for instance, are extremely expensive but it probably won’t make that much of a dent on your budget if you only need to use it in a small-sized bathroom.


Expect to work with a very small selection of colors to choose from when it comes to genuine hardwood flooring. After all, there can only be so many wooden shades you can choose from. They can be shades of browns and reds, but you can never have natural wood flooring that’s also naturally blue or green.

If you want more variety when it comes to the color of your floors then you should probably opt for laminated flooring and carpeted flooring. Both types of flooring can come with prints and patterns for their designs.


Sometimes, a plain-colored floor is just not enough. You want something more vibrant or complex from your floor. If so, you can expect different floor designsfrom floor types made of natural materials like granite and marble.


Wood flooring – if it is not varnished and polished – will usually come with an uneven or rough texture. You can expect even greater texture varieties from natural stone flooring such as those made of clay or actual stones. Textured flooring is also likely from custom-designed rubber flooring.

With laminated flooring, most designs you will see out in the market will come with even or smooth textures. You may have to order for a custom-designed set of laminated flooring if you want more texture.

Textured flooring may be uncomfortable to walk on when you are barefoot but they also happen to be less accident prone when it’s wet and slippery.


Different floor designs also have different types of finishes. The most common finishes used nowadays are matte and glossy finishes. Matte finishes are rather flat in appearance but that doesn’t mean they are dull to look at. They are ideal if you want floors that are scratch and dent-proof. Glossy floor finishes may be more eye-catching than their matte-finished counterparts but they happen to be harder to maintain! They need to be regularly waxed, polished, or varnished!

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