Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

Effects Of Marijuana

Many people around the globe firmly believe that marijuana has many benefits and that smoking it on a daily basis will not have any significant effects on their health.  Studies have been done regarding the use and abuse of marijuana and scientific research has indicated that this can indeed cause a wide variety of health problems.

The most common uses of marijuana includes smoking it or including it in baked goods such as biscuits or cookies.  When it is used as an ingredient, it takes longer to get the “high” effect, so most people prefer to smoke it.  There are many short term side effects when it comes to the use and abuse of marijuana.  These include distorted vision, memory loss and impaired reactions, imbalance and reduced blood pressure.  Anxiety and paranoia can also occur from time to time.

Hallucinations can also occur when a drug abuser smokes marijuana over a long period of time.  This indicates that marijuana has a very detrimental effect on the brain and even the nervous system.  Disorientation occurs in most cases and this can be truly frightening as the smoker won’t know where he finds himself or what to do to help himself.

The effects of marijuana also include effects on the heart.  When someone smokes marijuana, their heart rate increases rapidly after just a few minutes and their blood pressure drops sharply.  This means that the risk of getting a heart attack increases four-fold in just a couple of minutes.  This is a very scary fact and there are cases where drug abusers have suffered from heart attacks after their first time smoking marijuana.

Smoking marijuana can also cause the same problems for the smoker’s lungs as regular tobacco would do.  Respiratory problems are becoming a common occurrence in marijuana smokers lives and this includes excessive phlegm, coughing, lung infections and airway obstructions.  Some studies have even found that the abuse of marijuana could cause cancer of the head or neck.  There are no substantial evidence to this but the threat is very real.

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