Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

Fax Machine or PC Fax?

What are the pros and cons of using the old fashioned fax machine versus faxing from your PC fax (personal computer)? There are many for and against each of them,  such as environmental and financial issues which I shall go into with each of them.

PC fax technology has advanced greatly and allows one to accomplish so much more such as on the internet fax (all types of faxing) or ordinary telephone line with fax to email, fax via email. And with having the internet immediately to hand you can find addresses or fax details. By having the PC fax technology, be it in the office environment or for a private individual each and every situation will save in terms of the following:

Expense, the PC fax does, unless specifically required need much in terms of maintenance except perhaps a service once every now and then, but let’s face it your PC would have required service maintenance regardless. Software updates can be done online as and when needed and with the software being widely available it makes it that much easier to do.

Environmentally, less or no paper is used and cartridges and toners are not clogging up landfills polluting the earth. Because less paper is used more trees are saved few people realize that for every 5000 sheets of paper that is not used a single tree is saved, now think about it how often have you received a fax just to give it a quick once over and chuck it in the bin, people we are destroying forests at a alarming rate if we all switch to online faxing or fax to email forests will have a chance to return to their former glory and as for the ink and toner cartridges that pile up on landfills not only is it unsightly but it poisons the environment and eventually ends up in our water supply and people wonder shy the cancer rate has increased.

Space, PC faxing does not take up excessive desk or office floor space. Nor does it need storerooms trying to store copies of faxes and proofs when they can be stored in files on the computer, back in the day companies had three or four machines on hand to accomplish their daily work, then multifunction machine made an appearance replacing all of these other machines now however the only machine you may require is a scanner and that is only to scan in the odd document or two that isn’t already on your PC.

With the old type of fax machine it’s a guzzler on all of the above points and you can only send and receive faxes. Stationery is needed monthly or weekly, depending on the volume of faxing and these could prove to be quite costly and when that cost is added to the monthly line rental as well as the monthly faxing account it could end up costing you an arm and a leg. In an office environment a lot of time can be spent with staff going to and from fax machines and copiers, often being waylaid by some distraction when an employee has to constantly leave his or her desk they are not able to function at their optimal efficiency. However when fax to email is used employees are able to send faxes from their desk while still continuing with their other work and best of all when you use fax to email there is no more waiting for the proof of fax to be printed (this is the paper that was usually printed once a fax has been successfully sent or declined).

Online fax service providers like www.fax365.net are many but very often your internet provider can do the service for a small extra fee. If you are not internet connected, research a provider carefully and get recommendations from friends first before committing. You may not be able to change providers easily.

But, to maintain both types of machines you need electricity and very often phone lines which are prone to failure that often are no fault of your own. Learn more at www.faxcv.net.

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