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Sending and receiving of a facsimile has become a routine part of private and business life. Sending a facsimile involves a time consuming process of creating or retrieving a document, queuing to send the document and possibly a busy facsimile machine on the recipients end.

With the fast pace of modern life any problems from a malfunction facsimile machine may introduce unwanted stress that will heighten long term anxiety levels. Recent research has showed that these problems often cause “fax rage” which in turn may have a long term effect on your professional and personal relationships.

To effectively manage stress levels the individual must effect serious change. This can only be done by changing the way things has been done before, that is by making effective use of more convenient and user friendly technologies, such as online faxing. Not only is it quick and easy to use it is also convenient with the added advantages of security, easy storage and retrieval, minimal initial investment, superior reliability, ease of use, low monthly running costs, environmentally friendly.

Fax-to-email service fits this description and has greatly reduced the need to manage storing, sending, receiving and backup of facsimile documents reducing stress levels and facilitating better time management.

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