Friday - Feb 22, 2019

How does smoking affect you?

Many would like to believe that smoking is not terribly damaging to one’s health. Bad news! It does have an enormous effect on your health. Whether you have one or forty a day, inhale or not, smoking will affect you one way or another. Smoking is considered as a drug addiction but one if in the proper mind set can kick the habit by oneself. For some it’s a major battle but it doesn’t necessarily mean booking into a drug rehabilitation center.

Cigarettes like all other drugs that one can become addicted to starts very often in a social setting. Some people think, or used to think, they are more acceptable if they’re part of the smoking crowd. Today more and more people are shunning smoking for health reasons, cost and the clamp down by governments around the world on smoking in public environments. As many laws and restrictions there are the diehard smokers will scrimp and scrap and find any nook and cranny to have a quiet cigarette. Once you start it is a drug addiction, simple. Some people find it good for the nerves and stress.

Smoking affects your lungs first and foremost, skin, teeth, heart, cholesterol levels you name it. And smokers have a nasty smell about them; their breath is affected as well. Apart from having bad skin pallor. Teeth become discolored and have decay problems that only with the help of a dentist can be helped. As for the lungs, smokers cannot do physically demanding things. Smokers are extremely prone to cancer, mostly of the lungs. Quite often those that have smoked for sometime can get emphysema in the lungs; this is a dreadful debilitating disease which eventually results in death.

One cigarettes worth of smoke has about four thousand chemicals being burnt at a time. This is quite phenomenal when one thinks that it contains only tobacco. Some of these chemicals are tar, nicotine (this is what makes smokers become addicted), carbon monoxide and ammonia among others.

Giving up smoking is a mindset, you cannot unless you want to. Click here for help with drug addiction.

Smoking will not only affect your health, but it will also affect the health of those around you. Aside from that, it will cost you a lot of money. People frequently refer to cigarettes as cancer sticks. The reason for this is because there has been an indelible link to smoking and lung cancer. So why would you want to smoke just to get lung cancer? You will be paying an industry to make you sick, in effect

Also, when smoking, you will be causing your own painful, slow death. This is the short and the long of it. It is therefore just far better never to start smoking in the first place. To do so will open you up to the possibility of an addiction that you may find hard to beat. It is therefore simply better not to open the door to cigarette addiction in the first place.

While it might be hard to quit smoking, it is by no means impossible. You can enjoy a smoking free life just like millions of other former smokers are. It doesn’t control you, and you have the power inside of you to say no to cigarettes. It will be best for you to just not to open this line of addiction in your life in the first place. All is not lost if you are addicted, however, since you can beat this addiction.

New tough smoking laws in South Africa seek to protect non-smokers from the harm of second hand smoke. People aren’t allowed to smoke near the entrances of buildings any longer, and aren’t allowed to smoke in public spaces like malls and buildings any more. This is all done to protect those who don’t wish to smoke and don’t want to suffer from the detrimental effects of second hand smoke.

If you are addicted to smoking and would like to stop, there is help available to you. You can also do it on your own, but it will be tough and require a true commitment to stopping for good. Enjoy the many benefits that a smoke-free life will offer you.

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