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How To Get Rid Of Pigeons At Your Home

Usually found in large flocks pigeons are beautiful birds that provide hours of entertainment for old and young especially when feeding them in the park. Noticing a couple of pigeons on your lawn you may have though that it would be a good idea to feed them some left over bread crumbs but before you know it the few pigeons can become a few hundred and then they become a pest especially when they flock together on your roof leaving their droppings all over the place and most people don’t realize how dangerous pigeon droppings can be.

Pigeon droppings contain uric acid that may cause damage to the paint finishes of your roof and car. In addition dangerous bacteria may also be found in the droppings of pigeons although it is unsubstantiated the bacteria may be harmful to humans under the correct circumstances. Pigeons are also known to carry ticks, fleas and mites. There are certain pest control methods that you may follow to rid your home of the pigeon infestation that is plaguing your roof.

  • Stop feeding the pigeons once the food dries up there is a good chance that the majority of the pigeons will leave and find a new place to perch.
  • Try feeding the pigeons OvoControl P pellets. This is a type of bird contraceptive causing the eggs not to hatch reducing the flock in a safe animal friendly manner.
  • For a more extensive and direct approach you may use anti roosting spikes, these may be potentially harmful to the pigeons because of the sharp spikes.
  • Remove any bird feeders that you may have placed in your garden to attract local birds these will only encourage more pigeons to roost.
  • Use your garden hose to spray the pigeons on a regular basis this will constantly scare the pigeons away the only downside to this method is that you will be wasting water.
  • Try installing features that will move when the wind blows. Features such as a scarecrow, or an old CD tied with a string to a branch. Install these features in the area where the pigeons normally feed. Pigeons scare easily so any sudden movements will frighten them away.
  • Sprinkle generous amounts of spices in areas that pigeons like to roost, spices such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon and pepper may deter pigeons.
  • There are professional exterminators available that specialize in bird control. These professionals will be able to solve your pigeon troubles in a safe and effective manner.

Even thought pigeons can be a pest, extermination methods must always be conducted in a humane manner. Guns and poison must be avoided if possible.

Getting Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons are by no means dangerous, but can be very messy as well as cause quite a racket. Getting rid of pigeons that continually decide to make your walls are your yard a place to nest is not very difficult. Most people resort to violence which is not necessary. Shooting these pigeons with pellet guns or rifles is not necessary. In addition to all of the above mentioned techniques to get rid of these pigeons, you may also considering getting a pet cat or dog. Fortunately pigeons scare very easily and are fast and the chances of your pet actually catching one of these pigeons is very slim.

Cats however are fast and nimble and can catch these pigeons and they are fond of bringing you their catch of the day and this can create a big mess. Dogs however are less likely to catch these birds and therefore are the safest way to keep unwanted squatter pigeons out of your yard. Most people do not mind birds in their garden and therefore hang bird feeders in order to encourage birds to land and feed on their yards. As mentioned it is important to make sure that you rid yourself of these pigeons in a humane way as not to hurt these birds.

You must however beware of these intelligent birds as they will form an attack on you if you are not careful. It is a theory that pigeons do not just poop randomly and choose their targets very carefully. You may scare them away one too many times and then they will get you back when you least expect it by aiming and landing one nicely on your expensive blouse or on the middle of your head. On a more serious note these birds are harmless and unless you have a fruit tree that you are trying to protect then there is really no reason to frighten these birds off.

If they do irritate you then frighten them off in a humane way. No violence is necessary and making use of an exterminator for birds is un-thought of.

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