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How To Plan A 13 Year Old’s Party

The number 13 is quite a significant one to the life of any teenager. This is the start of teen life and sure, your new teenager would be heads over heels about this time of his/her life. Whatever kind of party it is, there are some basic things to take note of and you will probably have to consider party equipment hire and other things, if you do not have everything that you need for your party.

Planning a PartyChoosing a party theme is optional but if you want one you could choose from numerous themes available for your party. You could have a shopping party where your 13 yr old and their friends go to various shopping outlets and stores and have a good time shopping and dinning and doing some fun activities like ice skating. Maybe they would prefer to take their friends out for some fun ice skating, movie party or maybe they would rather invite their friends over to the house to watch movies or go to the movies with them, or camping. Another option is to have a dance party, where they can have some fun time dancing with their friends at any location they choose or do a sleepover with the friends at the house. The list is endless.

Next, fix the date for the party. Do some research and pick a date that is convenient for you and your guests. You should find out the schedules of your child’s friends so that you do not fix the party on a day that they will not be available, have gone for some vacation or on schooldays when everyone may not be able to make it to the party.

Getting a suitable venue is important. Get a place that is accessible for the friends and convenient to locate. Find a big space to use that would be able to contain all you need for your party.

Party invitations should be sent out to all whom you want present at your party. You could send them by email, word of mouth, letters or whichever way you choose to.

People. Having people at the party is important but you should also take note as to who you want there and who you do not want at the party. Having the wrong kind of people can go a long way to ruin things so screen your list and choose well.

It is all up to you if you need some decorations at the party or not. The party decorations have to reflect the personality of the party girl or boy. At this age, 13 yr olds have preferences, so that should shine through.

Take your time to plan your food well. You do not want to have some hungry friends around you. You could take them out to eat at a restaurant, have some food to eat at home or wherever you want to have the food eaten. Get lots of snacks and desserts available too.

Having some nice games and music or some other form of entertainment available at the party is a must. No one wants to be bored at a party so readily make available entertainment like movies, music, or live performers at your party. Some fun games like karaoke and video games will give it an extra twist too.

One thing is clear, 13 year olds might not be too keen on jumping castles, so do not embarrass your 13 yearr old by hiring one.

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