Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

How to Score in 10 Pin Bowling

Bowling is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. It has been around in different forms for centuries, and many different variants are still played today across the globe. The most globally popular type of bowling is 10 pin bowling, which simply means that there are ten pins to knock over. Today, most scoring is done electronically, but there are still some instances where players have to score manually. If you enjoy the game and want to learn more about keeping score manually, read on.

  • Ensure that the score sheet is prepared. This includes ensuring that everyone playing has their name written down, and, if it is a professional game,ensure that every player has their handicap written next to their name.
  • It is important to keep note of every shot. If the player doesn’t score a strike and there are pins left standing, write this number of pins that were knocked down, within the first ball inside the left right box. On the second ball, write the number of pins left standing in the second ball, this time in the box on the right. Add the two numbers together and write it down within the second box.
  • If a player scores a strike, this is indicated with an ”X”  in the right hand box, while a spare is shown by writing down “/” (slash).
  • Scoring the tenth frame is also important to the overall score. If a player scores a strike in the tenth frame, they are given two extra points. If a player scores a spare, they get an extra throw.
  • A strike equals 10 points, a spare is equal to 10 points added to the number of pins knocked down. If the player throws a strike then spare, this is worth 20 points.

Bowling is a very fun and exciting sport, and there are many instances where you may be expected to keep score manually. While it may be intimidating to those used to electronic scoring, it’s quite simple to keep score.

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