Friday - Feb 22, 2019

Installing of Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are beautiful and provide so much relief during the hot months. Those with hay fever find them a blessing. Installation of a wall mounted air conditioners often has more advantages than the through the wall models. Wall mounted units are easier and cheaper to install. The wall mounted units do not block views, not so ugly, as often seen with the window type installation.

Preferably, have a professional installer for your air conditioner, especially if more than one. People that are not quite familiar with handyman skills may struggle in the long run. If you want to do the installation yourself remember that there are masonry skills involved and some hard labour. Make sure you have the necessary equipment; some may not be sufficiently equipped or lack skill. Choose, and be certain of the location of your wall mounted air conditioner.

Air conditioners draw a fair amount of power ensure you electrics are up for the job. You may have to install a larger circuit breaker before commencing. Make sure there is a power point close by; you do not want to have to run messy cables around a room.

Before starting make sure all surfaces are covered and doors closed. You will create a fair amount of dust. Make sure all carpeting is up or out of the room.

Once you have the right position in mind ensure there are no electrical or water pipes that may obstruct air conditioner installation. You most certainly do not want to be drilling and pop a water pipe that’s a disaster of all disasters. There are instruments available to check for piping within walls.

Follow the installer’s instruction manual properly. Have some polyfiller close by in the event of a drilling error. Check your brackets and ensure you have the right size drill bit before beginning. Mark the wall with a decent marker and ensure all is straight with a spirit level. A crooked installation is as bad as a crooked picture, no joke. Have someone double check the straightness; another eye makes all the difference.

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