Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

Lucky Lottery Winner

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An Iowa man has been given the jackpot treatment after winning just a dollar.

Tyler Heep decided to have some fun after striking it lucky with a scratch ticket.

I just went by the state lottery office,” Heep wrote in a Facebook post. “I figured it would be worth a shot and they all thought it was really funny. I’m surprised nobody else has done this before.”

Iowa Lottery gave Heep an oversized novelty check and took a photo of him against their winners’ backdrop.

Officials said that they never hesitated to play along — “It’s a winning experience after all!” — and thanked Heep for reminding people to have fun in life.

A local store later offered to frame the Urbandale resident’s souvenir check.

And one of Heep’s Facebook friends warned, “Wait for all the new ‘relatives’ to come out of the woodwork when they hear you won the lottery!”

When asked how he would spend his paltry winnings, Heep revealed all of the the money was gone — blown on half a gallon of gas.

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