Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

Make your own tres leches cake

If you have never before tasted a tres leches cake, you are missing out on sweet sponge soaked in custard. A popular dessert, this cake is mostly enjoyed in South America and other Latin countries and plays a role in many ceremonies from weddings to quinceañeras. It plays a second only to flan as far as popular desserts go.

Made of cream and condensed milk, the cake is thought to have originated in central Mexico and follows in the line of traditional European desserts, such as tiramisu. Since that time, the cake has risen in popularity and is now a favourite amongst many people from many different origins. The popular ice cream manufacturer, Haagen Dazs, even made a flavour of it in 2004, the popular crème de leche.

One of the best parts of the tres leches cake is that substitutions are invited. Where condensed milk is called for, it has become commonplace to use coconut milk, or even soya. Where the custard is needed, soaking the sponge in brandy is allowed too. Since the origins of the cake involve so much festivity, there is a lot of celebration not just in the eating of the cake, but in making it too.

This is a dessert that is quite easy to make if you know how. A traditional sponge cake can be used as the base. The custard to soak the cake is made quite easily or can be store bought. There are many variation of this type of cake, given how many countries claim it as a traditional dessert and thus, many ways to make it. For those who love baking, it is most certainly worth trying it with fresh cream, with dessert fruits and even with chocolate. This is the type of dessert that can be adapted to any taste.

If you have never before experienced the delicious melting sweetness of a slice of tres leches cake, now is the time to do so. With many recipes and cake ideas for it available on the internet, you will find one that pulls on your taste buds and your heart strings too.

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