Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

OMG Must Get Tattoos

1. “So who is that on your arm?”

“What? Elvis Presley of course, can’t you see that? I’ve even tattooed his name”

“Sorry dude, the text was unreadable as well.

2. “If this doesn’t get me free meals at Taco Bell I don’t know what will!”

3. Most people make a tattoo in order to remember someone or an important moment in life.

This guy must really have loved this chair.

4. “Hey honey! I’ve got this great idea!”

“What John, what is it?”

“Let’s make the most awkward and ugly tattoo over both our bodies to symbolize how much we love each other, and when we break up, people will know how incredibly stupid we really are.”

“Sounds good to me!”

5. “Oh dear lord Jesus! He has resurrected once again, this has to be him!”

6. This is not what a white guy wants to see when he is doing it doggy style.

7. Please get your spelling right before you put ink under your skin.

8. This one is actually quite cute. Just a muffin minding his own muffin business!

9. So who’s idea was this? If I had to guess, it must have been a stupid bet or that she was absolutely hammered. However, I fear that this was on purpose.

10. “Just do it” they said. It will look good they said.

11. When you realize that you’ve actually married a monster. Run you fool!!

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