Friday - Feb 22, 2019

Online Faxing Made Easy

Email to fax services are here to stay and for those who have not yet tried them, the thought of what they could be missing may be enough to make them try these services out. But how does the online PC to fax service compare to the older, more conventional fax machine? Well, though you may expecting to see massive discrepancies, all of the old favourites of fax machine are still in place, as well as many other added benefits.

For one, you still get delivery reports on all of the faxes you send. In the same way as the old fax machine which would print out a confirmation that a fax was sent, your online fax system will send you a delivery report once your fax reaches its destination. This means that you can confirm that you really send the faxes you say you did. The difference comes in the fact that less paper is wasted, since it is all done online.

Sending and receiving faxes in this way is faster than the older fax machine. Because everything takes place in a matter of seconds online, there is no need to worry about how long it will be before someone receives your fax. One of the greatest parts of using an online fax to email service is number recognition. If you have typed in a fax number before, the software on your computer will recognise it for the next time you have to send a fax and this means saving time every time you send to the same recipient.

And of course, unlike your old fax machine that needs a repairman every time it breaks down, the fax to email service providers usually have call centres that are open all day and night. This means that should you encounter a problem with your fax software you can simply phone or email and get the answers you need.

Anyone who has not yet tried online faxing will be missing out on all of these great benefits and more, and should think about using these services to the advantage of their business. Learn even more about fax to email at 4redrock and at Afri Fax.

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