Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

Parents Out Of Town? Successfully Throw a House Party

throw a massive house partyIf you’re a teenager, chances are that you have either thrown a massive house party before or want to do so in the near future. If you’re parents happen to go out of town at some point, this would be the perfect time to get your party on!

The first thing you need to remember when planning a house party and if you don’t want your parents finding out about it later on, is that you need all the guests to park a few streets away from your house. Many a teenager has faced months of being grounded due to his/her parents coming home unexpectedly and finding a bunch of drunken teenagers dancing to Katy Perry or something equally weird. Having everyone park far away from your house can give you the opportunity to hear or see your parents coming and having everyone make a duck before they set foot in the house.

Also make sure to lock away everything of value a few hours before the first guests are due to arrive. The very last thing you need is for your mother’s diamond necklace to find its way into someone’s pocket!

Make sure to plan the party in the middle of your parent’s out of town trip. This will ensure enough time for planning beforehand and more than enough time for cleaning up afterwards. You would need to make sure you know exactly how the furniture and other stuff are usually arranged inside your house so that your parents don’t notice that they’ve been moved around.

A sure-fire way of keeping your parents out, should they arrive early, is to lock the outside gate with a different lock. By the time they get hold of you to find out what’s going on, you will have had enough time to make a plan with what’s happening inside the house and keep them from finding out. Of course you will need to think of a brilliant excuse as to why the regular lock isn’t on the gate!

If a house party is not possible, you can always get a party bus!

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