Wednesday - Apr 01, 2015

PG Glass Repair Job gone wrong!!!

I took my brand new Mercedes C class worth R500,000 into PG glass Fourways for them to fit Llumar smash and grab window tinting, i ordered the 35%, 150 micron film. I completely trusted them with my car, which i now regret!!! Soon after i collected it i released the shoddy workmanship, it looks as if they stuck a screw driver into the seat which tore the leather and then did the same on the inside of the passenger door!! I also noticed scratches on the Llumar film that they applied! I took the car back to show the manager, a week later he still hasn’t bothered to contact me back! i then called the head office to complain and also have not heard from them! My brand new car now looks second hand! I am shocked and would NEVER take any of my other cars to PG Glass Fourways!


The latest on my R500 000 Mercedes, After the damage that PG Glass caused to my car they offered to have my car repaired. So today I took my car to be repaired by someone that PG glass recommended (a third party based in a garage at the repairers residence), I again trusted PG Glass that my car would be professionally repaired, i was wrong!

The car was returned to me with the seat even worse it looks like the seat tear and holes have been filled with a black putty and there is a mixture of a sandpaper like feel and sticky silicon texture to back of the seat and the door panel. Its as if there is a heavy over spray, bearing in mind that this car is not even 3 weeks old and it has a hand stitched leather optional extra which cost me R12 000. I am concerned by PG Glass’s approach to this situation and why they have not acted in a professional manor and why the have not referred this matter to their insurer.

I am very disappointed to say the least


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