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Pizza Makes the World Go Round



Who would guess that this popular Italian pie began its career as a leftover improvised from surplus bread dough? In a pinch you might try your own, or even better still, order in a wonderful freshly-made pizza from your favourite pizza joint, such as Romans Pizza.

The dominant factor in the Italian cuisine of today is that however intricate and sophisticated it might appear – it still remains fundamentally peasant cooking, which consists of the early peasants’ four staples which is bread, wine, cheese, sausage and wine.

No matter which ingredients are incorporated in Italian cuisine, the secret lies in the high standard of the ingredients used.

The history of the pizza as we know it today:

In ancient Rome, pizza was a favourite snack – often the Roman breakfast. Simply put, pizza was more commonly known as bread with a relish. The relish, of course, was anything that was at hand to make a slice of dry bread taste a lot better as there was no butter to generously spread on bread in those days.

The relish was usually something quite light and uncomplicated – it could be a little bit of leftover cabbage, a few caraway seeds or even some onion. Sometimes the bread was softened with some lovely olive oil.

Eventually it occurred to someone to turn up the rim of the bread which was round in shape so that it would hold the toppings more easily – and thus the pizza was born.

In Genoa pizza is still regarded to this day as pizza even without any toppings, and if there are any additional toppings added to the pizza base, it would be a little bit of cheese. It is, of course, a little more intricate when other toppings are added and is then called “Pizza alla Genovese”. These additional toppings could include anything from Mussels to ham, mushrooms and tomato.

Pizza is perhaps one of the most favourite food on the move meals in today’s world – our fast-paced society and take-out meals is just something everyone does with many young people eating on the run and seldom taking time out to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

Next time you order in or grab a pizza on your way – stop and share a delectable Romans Pizza with a friend for some well-deserved R and R.

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