Friday - Feb 22, 2019

Release Date of iPad Mini

There has been a long-running rumour that there might soon be a mini version of the extremely popular Apple iPad, called the iPad mini, is building. This mini iPad will be a very more affordable version of the iPad. Many people in the industry believe that Apple is on the brink of officially announcing this device as early as October 17th, well in time for the crazy holiday buying season.

If these rumours are true, which Apple, as usual, haven’t confirmed or denied, one needs to ask the question whether it will be worth it to purchase this product? Steve Jobs, Apple founder famously said in 2010 that the 7 inch tablet was meaningless.  However, with great Apple support around the world, it might not be such a bad investment.

In 2011 Amazon debuted its much celebrated Kindle Fire tablet with 8.9 inch display. However, the iPad still offers a 9.7 inch design and its prices start at $500. This is almost one third higher than that of its largest competitor, the Kindle Fire. It is also up to five times higher than the lowest end of the Kindle Fire.

Up until now, Kindle Fire has shifted 5 million units worldwide, which goes on to make the Kindle Fire the world’s second most popular tablet, second only to the iPad. It would also seem as though the iPad has only recently started to lose a lot of ground in market share where the tablet market is concerned.

A recent Pew report said that as much as 52% of tablets which were sold in the US were iPads. This is down markedly from 81% the previous year. It is also true that as many as 48% now owned Android tablets, with almost half them being Kindle Fires.

Whether the iPad mini will be a success is a different article to be written after the release of the mini tablet. Perhaps many more people will be able to afford the iPad mini which will then serve to increase its availability to consumers and then make it a sure fire hit amongst consumers, you never know.

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