Saturday - Jan 19, 2019

Send and Receive Faxes Electronically

The fax machine has been a companion to a lot of businesses for many years, but due to changing technology Is fading quickly and this has many advantages that can be of great advantage to your company. The problem with fax machines besides the paper wastage is that you can never be certain of your fax been received although you receive a report saying that your fax has been delivered. Not knowing whether your fax has been received can be quite stressful especially if you are faxing important documents.

Another dilemma that ones faces is that the sending and receiving of your faxes depends on the line and the working condition of the line or the fax machine for that matter. With Comfax, you never have to go through that hassle.

Sending a fax also is time consuming and the feeding of documents is a painstaking task and numerous times after you have fed your documents it fails, leaving you to start all over again. Paper wastage is another disadvantage to using fax machines. Faxing usually involves paper on either ends of the faxing. Removing faxing from the equation means that you will eliminate paper wastage which means that you will be contributing to the saving of our environment. There are many other ways in which you can send and receive important documents like fax to email or just emailing documents, if the documents are PDF, you can purchase PDF software for your computer which enables you to edit PDF documents.

Another way in which you can eliminate the whole faxing dilemma is a new innovation from Hellofax and Google, whereby you can save important documents on the web. This innovation allows you to send and receive faxes electronically, which means that is it send via the net and then stored in a hellofax folder.

You receive notification and then it means that you can view your fax at your own leisure. The electronic signature is also a great addition to this application as it allows you to attach your signature to a document without having to print and sign pages manually. This again removes the whole paper wastage part of faxing documents. For more information on internet faxing visit 0866 Fax or 087 Fax.

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