Friday - Feb 22, 2019

South African Insurance

Bubble, bubble, pop?

Friend of mine just went into the South African insurance industry and has been working on his websites furiously for a few months now. Naturally, anything web related is right up my alley, so I asked him to send me his sites and some examples of some other South African insurance sites so that I could see what he had been working on.

One cant fall out of bed in South Africa without bumping your head on at least 14 different life insurance, car insurance and home insurance adverts. Bombardment by magazine, print, tv and virtually every form of mainstream media possible and I think on almost every billboard on the highway between home and work some there is some clever insurance pitch.

Simple question. With such market saturation in terms of media spend an so many players in the market. Surely there is a point at which this high powered advertising begins to start falling short with regards to returns?

Perhaps, perhaps not.

I wonder actually how much mainstream insurance media is required to persuade me to shift my car, home or life insurance?

The law of diminishing returns perhaps?

Your thoughts?

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