Saturday - Jan 19, 2019

The best business printer

printerFor businesses laser printers are a viable alternative to inkjet printers. Laser printers use toner whilst inkjet printers use liquid ink. Image and documents printed by a laser printer is more crisp and vivid. Monochrome laser printers are fasters than inkjet printers.

Even though laser printer may costs more than an inkjet printer, the operating and maintenance costs are less when considering that it is capable of printing more pages using a single toner cartridge. Printing colour document and images can only be achieved by a laser colour printer which is more expensive, but produce longer-lasting colour images than inkjets.

Hewlett Packard, Brother, Samsung, Canon and Konica Minolta are some of the best know laser printer manufacturers. So what do one need to take into consideration in purchasing the best business printer?

  • Determine business printing requirements this should include resolution (dpi), print speed (ppm) and paper media compatibilities. It is essential that you take into consideration specific circumstances, such as printer sharing or networking is it possible to upgrade printer memory, service intervals, printer server capabilities and technical support.
  • Limit budget. Determine minimum printer specification that you will settle for at current budget.
  • Use the Internet to evaluate business printers in your price range. You will find websites that does comparisons between different manufacturers, models and pricing.
  • Compare the printer’s rating. Website’s uses different rating systems to keep their comparisons and evaluations consistent. Therefore make sure that you are familiar which each rating system.
  • Create a comparison table including all functions and features that you have compiled under business printing requirements. This must include image quality, printer speed and network capability. By determining these categories you will get a good idea of printer quality and the impact it will have on your business.
  • Use online publications and consumer sites to evaluate customer satisfaction on each laser printer. You may find these online customer reviews by typing in the brand and model of the laser printer into any of several search engines.
  • Make use of agents, electronics and department stores to find the best price on the printer you want. If the printer is large or you require a large quantity you may be able to negotiate a package deal with the manufacturer directly.
  • Find prices online. In some cases you may find great deals online.

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