Friday - Feb 22, 2019

The Great Limpopo 4×4 Trail

4x4There is nothing sadder than seeing a shiny 4×4 on the roads that have never stepped foot (or tyre?) off of steady city roads. The 4×4 was born to get dirty, climb mountains and travel the unbeaten track. Just a few kilometers away from the famous Kruger National Park lies one of the most exciting 4×4 trails in South Africa.

At the Limpopo National Park, there are a number of exciting 4×4 trails to choose from: The Shingwezi 4×4 Eco-Trail is one of the most exciting. This trail takes 6 days to complete and takes you through forests, rivers and plains. This is one trail that is only for true enthusiasts who are ready to get their 4×4 dirty (just as it should be!).

The reason this trail is only for true enthusiasts is that you won’t find much being offered to you in the way of accommodation, supplies or petrol. The roads are un-tarred and the landscape is almost completely untouched. If you’re looking to rough it for almost a week, this is definitely the trail for you. Everything you need, you will need to plan and bring yourself.

While a 4×4 is a great investment for those who regularly travel the unbeaten track, for many the cost of buying a 4×4, petrol and parts is simply too expensive. Some don’t feel that they leave the city often enough to warrant buying a 4×4. But this shouldn’t stop anyone from exploring the beautiful landscapes the Great Limpopo 4×4 Trail has to offer. A 4×4 rental is as simple and easy as hiring any other car, and you will be able to find a 4×4 to rent in almost any car dealership in South Africa.

4×4 rental in South Africa is growing in popularity, as there are some places you simply cannot go without a 4×4. Traveling in the Limpopo National Park or to Mozambique, for example, are pretty much impossible without a 4×4. Hiring a 4×4 is a great way to see South Africa without breaking the bank balance and is especially exciting as a family vacation.

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