Friday - Feb 22, 2019

The Towns Of Diss And Wymondham To Receive CCTV Grant

Two towns in the Norfolk County area, Diss and Wymondham are to receive a grant from the Norfolk County Community Safety Partnership. The money has been  accepted by the Community Interest Company or CIC and the company plans to set up at least nine different CCTV camera surveillance systems in the two  towns.  The towns of Diss and Wymondham will create working groups made up of local businesses and city councillors in order to ensure that everything runs  smoothly. In addition to the grant each town council will contribute a further one thousand pounds per year towards the maintenance costs of these CCTV  cameras. As far as administrative support is concerned both the Norfolk Police as well as the South Norfolk Council will contribute towards administrative  support.  The actual operator of these CCTV cameras has not been chosen yet.

This will be scheduled for later in the year following a strict tendering process.  Following the tendering process, the South Norfolk Council will be expected to accept the submission of the planning application, this then will directly  affect installation dates of the CCTV cameras.  As in other areas where CCTV cameras have been successfully installed, the CCTV systems here will be able to record street activity for a full twenty  four hours a day. The plan also includes the recruitment of volunteers to watch the camera surveillance footage on busy nights or busy periods, usually  Friday nights and Saturday nights.

These volunteers will be responsible for alerting the police to crimes in progress or anti-social behaviour of any  kind. Once the CCTV camera systems are installed and in place the respective town councils expect to see a number of benefits as a result. Surveillance CCTV  camera systems are a crime deterrent as well as creating secure trading and working environments. The CCTV camera systems are also expected to help ease  the anxiety and stress associated with store robberies and related crimes in the areas. In fact there are those who have suggested that the installation  of CCTV camera systems could reduce current crime levels form over three hundred and fifty to less than two hundred and fifty annually.

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