Friday - Feb 22, 2019

Things To Expect From A 5 Star Hotel

Staying in a five-star hotel is a real treat and whether you can afford to do so regularly or you have made provision for a one-night stay, it is an experience you won’t forget for a long time. Many people refuse to shell out the large monetary amounts demanded by five star hotels, but if they were to do so, what would they get in return?

One thing you can expect from a five star hotel is a room that is both luxurious and completely private. A hotel of this calibre has to be able to offer its guests the kind of isolation they would expect at home, and has to give them a place to enjoy that is more luxurious than their own homes. As for service, patrons of these hotels can expect to have the best service on demand. Due to the large price they are paying, some hotels of this calibre will even offer their guests a personal butler or maid who will be on call for them at all times.

Staying at a hotel like this means that you will also have the best food. Five star hotels mean five star chefs and these individuals can prepare the most incredible food for those who want them. of course, luxury service in this regard also means dry cleaning services, fresh towels and robes as well as many other things that will increase the enjoyment of guests.

Ultimately, a five star hotel has a reputation to uphold and in order to keep perpetuating this reputation, they need to keep their service record sky high. They have the responsibility of giving guests what they want and this sometimes means outrageous requests. If a guest wants pancakes in the middle of the night, the hotel will need to get it done. If they want a personal shopper, ditto. Even if the guest asks for a four am personal masseuse, they should be able to get it. After all, if these guests are paying the exorbitant rates demanded by these service providers, they should be able to get premium service return for their money.

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