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Tips for successful fax broadcasting

You can use the tips provided in this article to make sure you send and broadcast your faxes effectively and successfully. Here are a few of the
most helpful tips for successful broadcasting of your faxes:

  • Targeting the correct audience: You will need to identify and target the correct market and companies which are the most likely to have a need for your service or products. You can actually go on to qualify these companies through geography or through using their types of industries perhaps.
  • Straightforward: You will need to get to the point and don’t waste anyone’s time. People will buy from you for what you will be able to do for them and certainly not for what it will do for you.
  • Correct timing: At some weeks during the month or seasons during the year you may find that demand is significantly less than other times of the year or month. If your service or product is perhaps seasonal it is best to consider your heavy promotion during the seasonality of the year
  • Make use of different formats and headlines: You shouldn’t resend the same piece of fax time and again. Instead for you to receive good results, carry on with the faxes but should you find that your results become weaker you should think about testing different formats and headlines in order to find the combo which produces the very best results possible
  • Make it easy for your marks to remove themselves: You should provide a number which will allow the recipients of your mail to remove themselves from your list of fax recipients. Ensure that every copy of your fax is in full compliance with the CRTC regulation
  • Add your contact details: You should include your phone number in your fax but not your fax number. Should someone be interested in what you have on offer it is much more likely that they will rather phone you than send you a fax. Provide your email and website addresses which will make it even easier for them to contact you

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