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What are Labour Brokers?

Labour brokers are a form of recruitment agents that provide workers for companies seeking them. It is mainly a South African form of labour outsourcing that has been practiced for many years. A company will contract a labour broker in order to be provided with casual labour.

These casual labourers are usually low skilled workers that work as temps before moving on to another place requiring their labour. The workers will be signed up to a certain labour broker and it is through them that they will have jobs they can go to for some time until the job is completed and then they can move on to something else.Recruitment 1

Labour brokers differ from recruitment agencies in a number of ways. First of all, labour brokers provide workers for companies, but they are the ones that take care of the worker’s salaries, benefits, transport and other employee related issues. As a company, all you do is request for temps to work for you and pay the labour broker directly and not the workers. Recruitment agents, on the other hand only provide you with an employee and that person will be working directly for your company. It will, thus, be your responsibility to that all personnel management related issues will be taken care of by you.

So, basically, instead of a company hiring a few workers, the labour broker will employ the workers and have them do the required work for you. This makes things much easier for a company as they will not have to worry about personnel management. All they will have to do is pay the labour broker for the service they provide, which is labour for your company.

Companies can, thus, outsource labour through labour brokers and have any work they need to get done completed. This can be short term employment or it can be a longer contract between you and the labour broker. Either way, you will have someone available to take on the duties you are requiring to have taken care of. A Labour broker will make the process much easier for you.
A labour broker is plays very important part in the South African economy. This is because they ensure that low skilled workers have a relatively steady income.

These workers would otherwise not have any income at all. A labour employs low skilled workers on behalf of numerous different companies. These workers will go from one project to the next and instead of being employed by each company for a short period of time, they are simply employed by the labour broker.

This simplifies matters because workers know who to go to if ever they have any queries and companies have one contact point as well. The labour broker acts as the middle man and takes care of personnel management related tasks such as all the admin, payments and legalities that come with employing an individual.

A labour broker makes it possible for companies to find reliable short term or temporary works quickly and without much hassle at all. It is a very valuable service that is provided by a reasonable rate. Professional labour brokers always have a pool of low skilled workers available for employment.

Before partnering with any labour broker, workers and companies are advised to first research the broker’s reputation. You should only partner with a labour broker who has a lot of experience and has built up a solid reputation within the industry.

The role of the labour broker is quite simple to understand. A labour broker employs low skilled or casual workers and then outsources them to companies for short term projects. Workers enjoy the benefits of a relatively steady job and the companies are able to employ temp or casual workers as and when they need them without having to worry about any of the personnel management tasks and duties that go along with it. For the best labour brokers visit www.labourbrokersdurban.co.za

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