Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

What Is Fax To Email?

Fax to email services from Fax2Me are fast becoming the preferred option for faxing documents. Fax to mail services allows users to send fax from the internet instead of having to use traditional fax machines. Users of this internet to fax service would be able to send and receive faxes through their email account, an online portal provided by the online fax service provider or a desktop fax software application.

Learning how to use these fax to email services is quite easy. In fact, this is one of the reasons why it so popular. Traditional fax machines can come with complicated user manuals and may present many mechanical errors such as feed errors or paper jams. Learning how to send fax to email is as easy as sending an email from your email account. Simply select the option that allows you to compose a new email and attach the document that you would like faxed through. The recipient’s fax number would be inserted where you would usually type the recipient’s email address.

Receiving faxed documents via a fax service online is exactly the same as receiving email. All incoming faxes are received in the same format as an email with the faxed documents attached to the email. These documents can then be viewed, saved, archived, printed or simply deleted.

There are many fax email service providers to choose from. In fact, some of these even provide a free fax service for online users. It is important to note that these free fax to email services will have certain terms and conditions that need to be noted. For example, users may be restricted to only being able to send a few faxes every week. While this is an ideal solution for many who simply require the fax to email service for personal use, it is definitely not a good option for businesses that need to send faxes on a daily basis.

Overall, fax to email services are a lot more convenient and cost effective than traditional fax services. They are also a much more environmentally friendly version as all faxed documents are received in a digital format instead of being automatically printed.

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